Talented artists Alaye Geng and Kilimore, signed under Up Records, have launched their much-anticipated debut EP titled ‘Mad Vibes’. Featuring seven tracks including “Mama,” “Confirm,” “Online,” “Come Online,” and “Abena,” the EP showcases a diverse range of songs, with collaborations with YPee, Kweku Flick, and Osjeez.

‘Mad Vibes’ had been generating excitement prior to its release, and since its debut, it continues to mesmerize listeners with infectious beats and catchy tunes. Both artists express confidence in the project, seeing it as a breakthrough in their music careers, expected to garner well-deserved acclaim.

The EP has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike, solidifying its status as a promising debut. The success of ‘Mad Vibes’ highlights the talent and dedication of these emerging artists, who have poured their creativity into crafting music that resonates deeply with audiences.

Stream the full Ep below