Mak Dee has disclose on Zaa Kootu with Kawastone on Zaa Radio that, the Majority Leader, DJ Parara did all he could for him to be able to meet Dr. Amin Anta.

Many alleged has been alleged against DJ Parara that the Majority Leader took some money behind Mak Dee from Dr. Amin Anta.

According to Mak Dee, DJ Parara actually helped him and pushed harder for him to get his pay of sweat for the song recorded but things couldn’t go as planned.
Mak Dee also stressed that Dr. Amin Anta special aid revealed that no money was given to DJ Parara on their behalf.

“I can’t be ungrateful to DJ Parara, he did a lot for me during that time including taken it upon himself to let me meet Dr. and got a promised to further my education” he said.