DJ Zolah Malema, one of North’s finest presenters has been “squeezed” to resign from his current employer, Radio Tamale, just a few months after joining the station as the Brunch Time host.

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The resignation of the presenter is traced to a recent misunderstanding he had with Mr. Tell, the station’s long serving drive time host, over social media rants. This misunderstanding saw both Mr. Tell and DJ Zolah start to attack each other personally and each other’s families on their various programs. Just a few days after this, DJ Zolah was rumoured to have been sacked by the station, a rumour spread by Mr. Tell.

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Just yesterday, on March 29th, DJ Zolah took to his Facebook handle to officially announce his decision to step down from the station staff list, and the brouhaha between him and Mr. Tell was the leading reason for his dismissal and resignation. He stated how disappointed he is with the staff of the station for treating him unfairly and giving him a suspension without doing the same to Mr. Tell. Below is the text posted.