G. Dogg, a talented dancehall star from the upper west region, has shared the blame for the lack of investors in the northern Ghanaian music industry on the lack of civilization and on the industry players/presenters.
The Northern Ghana music industry is tagged as one of the industries with amazing talents but a lack of growth and prosperity.

The inability to grow is understood to be the reason for the lack of investors who will invest in these talents. In
a one-on-one interview with Is Hassan Dablee on his All Inclusive Show on Radio Amana, Thursday 15th July, 2021, G Dogg said that lots of radio presenters and industry players do not use their programs to help shape the industry, but rather, they sit and expose the shortfalls of the artists to the people.

According to him, all these acts drive away interested investors who might have an interest in investing in the industry.

G. Dogg explains that when potential investors listen to these programs, it drives or scares them away.  Watch the broadcast interview below,