Rapper, Sherif Abdul-Majeed Maccasio has won a bet against his little brother Wumbee over the Chelsea verses Real Madrid game that came on yesterday 6th of May, 2021 at the the Standford Bridge in London.

Before this game, Maccasio who happens to be a die heart fan for Chelsea Football Club posted his chit chat with Wumbee on his status of how they have challenged each other on who will win and proceed to the Champions League finals to an extent of placing a bet that, when Chelsea wins, Wumbee will send Maccasio money on his mobile money number which Maccasio provided and if Madrid wins Maccasio will does same as Wumbee.
Read Their Chat Below,

Few minutes after the game which ended 2 : 0 in favour of Chelsea Football Club, Maccasio again posted a screenshot of their chat and Wumbee showed concern of sending him his money as promised.
Maccasio reminds him “pls my money”, and he replied positively, Read from below,