Haruna Kpei Zuu has described Maccasio’s comments about the cause of his misunderstanding with Zio as unfortunate comments on the rapper’s part.

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The rapper has had an unhealthy relationship with his one-time promoter, Fuseini Hamza Zio, and in explaining the cause of the misunderstanding on Neesim FM with Afa Staph yesterday, June 15th, Maccasio said Zio had a problem with him not giving him money when he (Maccasio) came for his (Zio) late father’s final funeral rites.

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Though Zio is yet to comment on this, Haruna Kpei Zuu, a music critic and a close friend to the two, said it’s unfortunate for Maccasio to have said that on air. He made these comments under a Facebook post by Is Hassan Dablee, sighted by HYPE MEDIA GH.

Read his comments below.

Zuu’s Comment.