Clement Ayamga, known in the showbiz cycle as Nambawan, who was adjourned as Artist of the Year in last year’s Happy-Man-Bitters Upper East Music Awards, has enrolled his disappointed treatment by the organizers. As indicated by Nambawan, he was not impressed with the organizer’s work after he drew closer to them, acknowledging how disordered they were.

He has additionally seen slips. Besides the deficient exposure of the occasion from the organizers, Nambawan likewise uncovered how gravely he was treated after he won the overall award. Talking on Yem Radio in Bolgatanga with Carlmax Daraan, Nambawan said a ton of monstrous things occurred when he went down to Accra with the organizers to recover his award cash. Nambawan revealed that he never got the amazing chance to meet the CEO of Happy Man Bitters, Dr. Emmanuel Bortey Borketey, but the victors of the Miss Upper East event did. However, they were in similar lodging. “I went with them (organizers) and a whole lot of things happened. They are not that organized when you look at how they handle things, and at the end of the day, they make it look like it’s over. What again? What happens in the post, they make it seem like it’s not important.”

After we came from Accra, I realized they blogged about these queens and stuff, and it was very beautiful. I’m the artist of the year, and we took the bigger share. What happened? Not even one blog. All those who posted were for free, not from the organizers, and that is just bad. The   way they handled me, trust me, if not because at least we have learned from this entertainment very well, I would have been very mad right now. I would have brought things out that would not be good today. ‘ The coordinators couldn’t bear the cost of a flight ticket for him, so they chose a GHC180 STC transport ticket. Indeed, even his road manager was nearly avoided with regard to the outing.   Nambawan likewise added that he needed to feed on his own spending plan all through his visit to the lodging. As far as he might be concerned, he wouldn’t be quiet for certain people to contaminate the creative arts industry. He will stand up with perfect timing.   Ever since I went, I didn’t get the chance to chat with the main sponsor. I only met him and we took the presentation. He was so busy and I expected that our organizers should have made provisions for that, but the queens were able to meet him privately and they shared a lot of ideas. Prior to the day I was supposed to leave, I didn’t know when and by what means. I was just there and got a call that we would go Friday. I asked them where? We don’t know. Let’s just get to Accra. What do you mean? Even though my manager wanted to go, it was a problem.”..

God being so good, we are not rich, but sometimes we are privileged to go by flight to Accra, but they took us by bus. We had to go with them, so we could not have left them. “You can’t tell me the organizers didn’t make money to pay for all those things. You cannot tell me the sponsors did not do well. So what is the profit from the income? Are we doing it for profit or do we want to build the industry? Nambawan warned the organizers not to take the creatives for granted.