Ghanaian award winning blogger Nathaniel Quaye has advised artists to take advantage of every platform they are privy to irrespective of the size of the medium.

In a post on made Facebook, the blogger preached the need to utilize every media space available to any artists to unveil themselves to the world irrespective of the number of likes or views.e

“As an artist, no platform is too small. Utilize any you get to your advantage to preach your message. Every platform is important and getting them to know who you are is to your advantage irrespective of the numbers and views. Take this from me”, he wrote.

Nathaniel Quaye is an award winning blogger and CEO of Anansesem Media, managing editor of and the host of FBR Sports on Mixtic radio.

He has worked with reputable organizations and has built his pedigree in media and communication skills.

He is often referred to as Mr. Gentleman due to his calm nature and presentable appearance.