Police stormed “Brothers Lodge” inside Walewale, closed down musician, Sapashini ongoing pool party tagged “Sallah Pool Party” and arrested the main organizer of the event “Ibrahim 60”.

As the Muslim brothers celebrated their Eidr yesterday across the globe, most artists organized little parties to perform for their fans, so as Sapashini.
Sapashini’s event was hosted at his main home, Walewale and kicked started at 12 noon.

Fans trooped into the venue in their numbers to party, but none of the covid-19 protocols or directives given by the government were observed. The police stormed the venue, closed down and arrest the organizer.

HYPE MEDIA reporter who was an eye witnessed can confirmed that Sapashini and the other guest artists were not at the venue yet when the incident happened, but has reported that the star together with his team were notified and quickly rushed to the police station in Walewale to plead for the release of Mr Ibrahim 60.
Hype Media will keep you updated on the issue