For the wrong reasons, Radio Tamale has been in the news for several weeks now. Their drive-time presenter, Halik Musah (Mr. Tell) has brought listeners to the station by engaging in what has been characterized as a feud between him and Fancy Gadam, a popular singer in the region.

People on social media have criticized the station and the drive time host for making outrageous accusations about the artist and his family during a live telecast of his show. The conflict led to the presenter being physically attacked, as reported by

Prince Barak, a human rights activist and entertainment critic, requests that the manager of the radio station fire or suspend the presenter.

According to Prince Barak, the said presenter has brought the reputation of the radio station into disrepute. “As a listener and someone who aspires to work for your company someday, I would like to call your attention to this regrettable event,” he said.

The entertainment critic believes that the station is bigger than a single employee and that the manager should sack Mr. Tell for disrespecting their audience.

“Radio Tamale manager is bigger than a single employee; fire or suspend this presenter for disrespecting your good audience,” he added.