Ahmed Shaban, one of the controversial artists in the north, has jabbed Ataaka for placing his free street carnival on the same day as the Throne Concert by Maccasio.
Two weeks after Maccasio announced the date for his concert, Ataaka also came out with the cover art for his street Carnival on the same day.
Many appealed to him to cancel it as it would be a big blow to the Maccasio Concert.

To Shaban, the act of Ataaka is devilish and can not in any way uplift or grow the industry.
He posted below.
“I think 🤔 what can bring back your music industry 🏭 on 🔥 fire, is to do wonderful things but not devil 😈 acts.
For instance, you have battle with an artist and later, unexpectedly you show 📺 on his show, it wouldn’t make you friends but can make you and the industry 🏭 talk 💬 of the day or weeks.
I don’t see why you should organized a show to run down a show, your industry 🏭 is not up to that level.
Come together to learn how to make big money 💵 from the 🏭 industry, because you make nothing yet, am not to say it you know it.
What you people are doing it is of no use.” Shaban later added below,