Mac Velly, a struggling Rastafarian artist, lashes out at critics who want his profane song ‘Weather Yaazo’ banned.

The remarks and concerns generated over the prohibition of MacVelly’s new obscene song “Weather Yaazo,” a brilliant Rastafarian artist from the country’s north, have been described as “stupid, crap, and nonsense.”
Weather Yaazo, starring Olatunde, was released on Friday, July 2nd, 2021 by the current Northern Ghana Entertainment Award… of the year winner, and has been panned by top-tier entertainment media personalities due to its raw, profane lyrics.
A well-known media personality and blogger Is Hassan Dablee is among the minority who have denounced the song. Is Hassan Dablee wrote below on his facebook wall,

“Should I become the President of the republic one day, Songs like this will be ban from the country and such artists will be banish in addition.
What a profane chune with raw dagorsigu lyrics??

The above and other post about the song didn’t go down well with MacVelly who quickly posted below,