One of the controversial proud son from Tuumba, Atanta 1 has sent out a severe warning with dirty insults to Walugu Lana for his irresponsible behavior as an old artist in the Northern Music industry of late.

Walugu Lana has dissed almost every musician and industry player in the industry, but his recent diss to Ataaka and his parents goes above the bar and had everyone pissed off with his usual act.
In this diss, Walugu Lana throws dirty jabs to Ataaka mother and his bosses, KKC.
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This got everyone pissed off but Atanta 1 couldn’t hold his anger and sent a severe warning to Da Commy in a live video.
According to him, Walugu Lana should stop dissing the humble ones and faced his crazy type like him, Bawlee, Destro or Don Sigli.
He added that Mugu is not doing so under the influence of Weed, drugs or alcohol because many take all these just like him and never acted like he’s doing, Atanta 1 believes it’s pure madness and he isn’t regarded as a human anymore.
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