Fancy Gadam has in an interview with Alhaji Sadick Cybha on Sagani Tv North Arts disclosed the main reason why he had to composed and dedicate his hit single “Tibi Ning’ Sheli” to fraud boys in the north.

In the year 2015, Fraud boys in Tamale were chased out of their homes and many were arrested for involving in irresponsible acts that was a great negative influence on the young coming.
They were shooting short videos to insult each other parents and they could display huge sum of million dollars throwing trash at each other and bragging. It became a norm to an extent kids within 15 years were draining into that.
The police were forced to chased them out of Tamale and arrested some of them.

Fancy Gadam released a smash hit just a day or two after their arrest and the concept of the song was pleading for their release and praises on them that they feed many houses and their arrest could put more people in hunger.
Many hailed and praised him for such a smart move.

According to him on Wednesday 10th of March on Sagani Tv North Arts show, he was left with no choice than to composed that song because he himself was in severe hunger and no one except the fraud boys were his helpers.
He reminded people that his “Takahi Album Launch” was 2 weeks away when this incident happened and all knew his strong bone and hope were on these same people.
The people were finally released and just for that song, many of them spent millions and promised him billions on his launching day.

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