1 Don, Fancy Gadam has finally reacted to rumours circulating around that he’s using the stardom of artists he has featured to do juju for his consistency stake.

They have been numerous accusations and allergies that any artist he featured on a song or the artists featured him on a song fame and name will die instantly without doubt.
Accusers do go that far to mention popular names likes Rashid Metal, Sasco, Ataaka, SKY, Nandoz, MoQid etc.

Reacting to what guaranteed a hit song and why upcoming do find it hard to maintained their level after a breakthrough with a collaboration, Fancy Gadam disclosed on Sagani Tv North Arts with Alhaji Sadick Cybha that, those things are normal because once a mainstream artist featured you on a song, his huge followers will definitely loved the song and rally behind the upcoming artist as well, but once the upcoming artists failed to release songs that can compete or outweigh that collaboration, the fans runs away from him until he collaborate with their favorite artists again.
He related it to the rumours and added that he do not have any juju, it’s just the work of those artists to work harder and get songs that can surpass his songs with them.

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