Honourable Sule Salifu, Mayor of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly, has declared his intention to serve his people with all his efforts and energy, but he highlights to the people that he can’t solve all the problems of Tamale.

In expressing his gratitude to every single individual who supported his victory, Mr. Sule Salifu disclosed on Sagani TV with Halik Musah that he contested for the mayorship because of development, and development he will work towards for the betterment of the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly.

According to him, he will do everything under his mighty to ensure a well developed Tamale, but what he can’t do is to solve all the problems of Tamale.

“I am here to do what I can do for the development of Tamale under my leadership. I can’t do everything, but I will do my part to encourage others to come and continue just as I am continuing the good works of our former Mayor,” he said.
You can watch the video below.