Mr Nantogma Yakubu, the husband of the woman, actor, Aborimaham chopped has disclose that he is not happy with the judgement passed by the elders at the palace.

After he (Nantogma Yakubu) made an accusation that Aborimaham is having an affair with wife and reported him to the palace,

the actor (Aborimaham) confessed at the Tamale Dakpema palace that he had countless affairs with Nantogma wife. The elders and palace charged Aborimaham to pay GHc5,000, 3 Fowls and a sheep in 3 days time as fine for his crime.

On an interview with Nantogma on HYPE TV after the judgment was made, he said the judgment of the elders didn’t pleased him and that he didn’t report him to them for just a peanut fine.
According to him, he had wanted Aborimaham to be lashed in public, barbered and disgrace for other people in his act to change.
Watch The Short Interaction With Him Below,