One of the media generals in the northern part of Ghana, Halik Musah, has confessed that he has tasted weed but only once in his life time in a recent entertainment discussion with Hajj Sadick Cybha on Sagani TV North Arts.

As the usage of drugs, particularly weed, has recently become a point of contention in the northern music industry, a number of artists and industry figures have expressed their opinions on the subject, with some admitting it is beneficial while others disagree.

Mr Tell, who was invited on the show with a doctor as a guest for a conversation, stated that weed is good for those who believe their body system can withstand the consequences it will bring, but that it has massive impacts that do not normally occur rapidly.

Mr. Tell claims that he tried it once in his life and that it had no effect on him, but that it weakened his physique, so he stopped it right away.
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