Is Rahim, one of the hottest kids on the block in the Northern music industry, has announced November 12th, 2022 as the date for his first major concert, The Journey Concert, at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale.

After releasing his breakthrough album, the Lion King, and breaking boundaries with it, the star has seen it necessary now to host his very own show at the stadium. 
He announced this on Radio Tamale with Big Malik of KKC and took to his Facebook page a few minutes after the interview to make an official announcement on social media below.

What separates greats from the regular is the desire to be extraordinary.Alot falls under entertainment but since time immemorial,Israhim has been noted for being a very good street dancer who eventually delve into the music scene.One could arguably state that Music didn’t take me by surprise when you carefully pay attention to my composition skills and unique writing abilities. Growing up from the hood and pursuing music as a gift,it hasnt been a smooth run a lots of high and low ,ups and downs.All sort of mockery has befall my talent.but I takes them up , re energize I myself bouncing back with unexpected energy ready to deliver my best to the world.The industry players and my loyal fans has been very instrumental in supporting my journey from grass root.The lions King Album launch was just a curtain raiser the main show is finally here at your door step.The biggest event which will remain in history books is tagged Journey Concert.Lots of surprised will come your way this time..Great minds have brought heads together to make sure this event stands out differently from any other concert uphere in the North.All unsundry is needed on board to make this successful.
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