So much money is now invested in the production of videos in the Northern music industry, hence, determining which artists have the best music videos has become extremely difficult. It appears that all of the artists have realized the importance of a quality music video and are working hard to create the best ones possible.

The visuals of Saafe(Key) by a multi talented singer, Israhim, is one of the most trending music videos in the North over a week now. Saafe is currently trending on YouTube and is being play continuously on television stations in the North.

Saafe is a song in which Israhim expresses his love for his girlfriend and promises her the “keys to his heart”. That message is carried out in the video by the singer and a beautiful vixen.

Directed and shot by T-Baba of Studio 23, the video, shows the singer expressing his feelings to his fiance. Looking at the singer’s facial expressions, it’s clear that he’s both happy and sad as he dances lovely to the dismay of his fiance.

It’s always entertaining to watch a video in which every character plays their part flawlessly. The vixen performed admirably with her carefully choreographed dance moves and sex tickles on his fiance.

Another area where the director excels is in the selection of the costumes. It fits the scenes perfectly and helps to make the message more understandable. I couldn’t stop thinking about the scene where the singer and the vixen were dressed in traditional attire.

All the scenes were shot in a perfect locations as well. The palace, the road, the forest, and the studio setting were all ideal for such a lovely song. My favorite parts of the video was when the two lovers were riding on the road together and when the vixens joined the singer in the pool.

It was a lovely idea for the vixen to carry a flower. Aside from the lovely message it conveyed, it also perfectly matches her dressings.

I really can’t express how I feel about IsRahim’s dance moves at the end of the video; perhaps he has overcome his fears of ever losing his fiance to another man.

Though the video’s budget has not been made public, I wouldn’t be surprised if thousands of dollars were spent. It is said that quality comes at a higher price.

Writer: Prince Barak is a digital marketing expert and content creator. He could be reached on