Following the recent misunderstanding between Wolugu Lana and DJ Krouch, which led to the two fighting live on TV, Wolugu Lana, who was so proud of hitting DJ Krouch first on live TV, has been reported attacked by a gang of men in Lamanshegu, DJ Krouch’s area.

Wolugu Lana Shares Blows With DJ Krouch On Tv

Many speculated that the hip-life veteran was attacked and chased into a room in Lamanshegu, but according to him, those are all lies and his fans should treat those rumours as nothing but fallacy.

The Scene Of The Attack

He narrated that he went to a friend’s house in Lamanshegu, and while he was in the room with him, the door knocked, and when they opened, it was a gang of men holding cutlasses and other weapons. He quickly went back into the house and made some calls for some backup. While he was in the room, his crew arrived and brought him out calmly without a finger touch. Watch the video of his narration below.