One of the experienced media practitioner from the North, Afa Staff has given out a pice of an honest advise to the young coming media practitioners.

His comments comes right after the discussions and opinions of whether or not media practitioning can be a surviving profession on its own in the North. Been in the game for about a decade now in the North, Afa added his bite on the topic with a great piece of advice below,


Guys every profession successes depends on your determination to achieve the goals ahead.

I heard on several occasion from some few Radio/Tv presenters in the North about the shortfalls of surviving in the game after decades of serving the people and promoting artiste. People underate the successes of the game, but trust me if u really know what u are doing you will build wings and fly with it.

Most of the people who failed in the radio tv business did not walked in well, hence the failure. It is very necessary to investigate thoroughly before stepping in any career else you will be investing your life in a wroung business. A lot of radio/TV presenters especially the young up coming ones failed as a results of this. If u take short cut to join any profession it will cut u short on the way.

Most of the guys who join the profession on the bases of fame, critics, insult and speaking garbage all in the name of artiste beefing for popularity gains forgotton that what you sing in your career defined what will yield your career in future.

I met a girl who wept profusely bcos she was offered an admission to study journalism at UDS Nyankpala Campus I asked her Y? And she replied there is no job and money in the profession after completion😆. Let’s be decent as role models to portray the beauty of the job.

Some of us started our career beyond been popular but what to achieve after the popularity. I can boast of achieving alot of my dreams and even if I will remain just like this till eternity I swear to God I will be much greateful to God.

I join radio after i completed SSS in 2007 but there was no money to further my education but through radio I ve been able to further my education without any support from anyone. I repeat no one paid my school fees. I ve never begged for money, food, cloths, or duped anyone in my radio journey unless it was given out willingly. Some of us are landlords leaving in our own roofs and rent part for survival. Radio/ Tv presenters are car owners today just like me. I drove my first car 🚗 through radio in 2014 n this is my 6th car since I join the game. I ve met n sat with prominent people ever in life even presidents, mps, ministers of states, Head of directors, CEO. Stake holders and big companies with the power of radio.

So u see before you make remarks of underating the successes, take a cue and watch those who survive in it and why?
Then you will know u ve failed somewhere in your career. Radio/Tv is not about insulting and criticising in the name of fame, but remind yourself what to survive after beefing. Take note if you got
Yourself in the game bcos of women ask yourself didn’t you achieve it? if indeed yes Why complaining again.

Guys wake up your dreams aspirations. It is not everyone or everything u see growing as success. Some growth will cut short at some extend.

Without much I do I say a big ups to few of my top senior coliques who inspired in the game.

Razak Carlos
Halik Musah
DjParara Majority Leaders
Rubai Abdul Waris Djwaris

U guys ve faught well. Thnks for reading guys“.