In sharing an opinion on the current heated accusations by Kadiana that, Northern based presenters demand sex from female artistes before offering support to them, Famous Radio Journalist, Afa Staph says it’s very normal for presenters to ask for sex from female artistes before supporting them. According to him, this isn’t a thing of today, its been happening and not even in Tamale alone, but nationwide or worldwide. Afa Staph said it’s very normal and must not be seen like a big deal.Taking to his facebook page to react to this, he wrote,

Nyam Hoooo!!! This statement of Kadiana is indeed laughable. The powers of women lies in their approach. What she is saying is not new in the game world wide so i wonder why people keep giving that a listening ears. Such stuffs are normal to play as far as entertainment industry is concerned. Which portion is unethical not to approach a female musician.

Look we human beings, ordinary mortals for crying out loud. Ladies who found themselves in the game must face such reality such is normal. I know kadiana for a very long time as a very good singer n some times she use to rap following george clif on stage b4 she gave birth n got back to the game recently. I was expected her to keep mute on this issues n concentrate on the career at hand unless of course she wants to create controversy to propel as music person.

You are beautiful n men might want to get closer. OK what of those who are not industry players but proposing to you. People might want to take advantage b4 putting u on board even in university some lectures will want to use exams to take advantage. So such things are normal to play. She spoke about those who couldn’t succeed in luring her to bed for music roles, n do u think some didn’t suceed? n will she talk about that too if indeed yes?

Further more, on the issue about someone deleted her part in a music. woow, look it means that her part wasn’t worth it. Reasonable and level headed person in music game will not delete a strong voice that will capture the attention of the masses in music. People pay people to get them on their songs. Choggu boys saw her worth reason y they got her on their song. If any artiste could delete her part in a song then her part wasn’t suppose to make impact in that song. no serious artiste will get a strong voice deleted out of a song even if he proposed n it doesn’t stand. So what he is saying is not new in the game n I personally see nothing wrong when people keep approaching her. Kadiana u are a beautiful girl n men must get closer to you no mater what they are going to use to get what they want bcos Charlie proposing to girl had no formular. Sokam ni o kuri o jengkuno shem. if I also get her number some a go approach am and pay all her music bills. Gnun Mali o line maa gnun dropimli now now ka dee 500 ceri. Ka ti nim yaali callo. Ahy man bo o shee pam ka o ti na ziya kuri suli shem maa gba“.