Two prominent voices in northern showbiz, Fad Lan and DJ Dollar, have reconciled their differences on ‘The All Inclusive Show’ on Zaa Radio 99.3 FM with host Hassan Dablee.

Last week, a disagreement between the presenter and the artist at a wedding reception sparked significant public discussion and differing opinions. Many criticized both parties for the ensuing drama.

On May 16th, DJ Dollar and Fad Lan’s brother, Driz Blake, were guests on ‘The All Inclusive Show’. Addressing the issue, DJ Dollar expressed that the incident had been long forgotten. He emphasized his respect for Fad Lan and retracted his previous negative remarks, attributing them to a moment of anger.

Driz Blake, Fad Lan’s brother, expressed their delight at DJ Dollar’s perspective, noting that such conflicts are part of showbiz. He highlighted DJ Dollar’s crucial role in giving Fad Lan his first performance opportunity during the ‘Picorna’ days, underscoring their enduring gratitude. Check out the video of their comments below,

DJ Dollar Meets Fad Lan Brother, Driz Blake; Both Comment On Their Beef.

The reconciliation was marked by mutual forgiveness and a celebratory photo.