Afa Staph has alleged that Wolugu Lana collaborated with Is Hassan Dablee and Big Malik to frustrate him during his banter with Wolugu Lana.

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Afa Staph and Wolugu Lana were involved in banter a few weeks ago, which resulted in the involvement of parents and even going on a search for each other to fight. The misunderstanding between these two was well noted, but Afa Staph’s involvement of Is Hassan Dablee and Big Malik in the issue was what shocked many.

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In explaining what caused his insults to Is Hassan Dablee and Big Malik, Afa Staph said on Zaa TV with Kawastone that Wolugu Lana had planned with Is Hassan Dablee and Big Malik, such that Big Malik would host Wolugu Lana on his radio program to insult him, and Is Hassan Dablee, as a blogger, would pick it up as a story to blog, but when he asked for airtime from Big Malik to reply him, he refused, and when he goes on Facebook live to reply to Wolugu Lana, Is Hassan Dablee too won’t blog it.
Afa staff tagged the two as hypocrites of the industry. Watch him speak below.