Agrisolve, a leading agricultural solutions provider in Ghana, has officially launched the much-anticipated “Greenconnect 2023 Season – Input Edition” at a grand event held in Tamale. The occasion was attended by small farmholders, officers from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, input suppliers, and various actors in the agricultural chain.

The primary objective of the event, which was to prepare farmers within the Tamale metropolis for the upcoming agricultural season, was additionally aimed at fostering knowledge sharing among stakeholders and gathering crucial data for the effective implementation of the new season.

The theme for this year’s edition of Greenconnect, “Right Input, Right Time, Right Application,” reflects Agrisolve’s commitment to empowering farmers with the knowledge and resources necessary to make informed decisions regarding their agricultural practices. By providing the right inputs, at the right time, and facilitating their correct application. Agrisolve also aims to maximize productivity and sustainability in the farming community.

The event commenced with an opening address by Madam Ellom Goh, the Chief Executive Officer of Agrisolve. In her speech, she emphasized the significance of precision agriculture and the role it plays in ensuring food security and increasing farmers’ income. She stated that, “With the right inputs, farmers can optimize their yields and reduce production costs, thereby creating a more prosperous agricultural sector.”

Madam Ellom Goh Speech At Ag

Following the CEO’s address, a series of interactive sessions were conducted. These sessions featured presentations from experts in the field of agriculture, who shared their insights on various topics ranging from soil health management to modern irrigation techniques. Farmers actively participated in these discussions, raising queries and seeking advice on specific challenges they faced.

One of the highlights of the event was the exhibition area, where input suppliers showcased their latest products and technologies. Farmers had the opportunity to interact with these suppliers, explore the range of inputs available, and gain a better understanding of their benefits and application methods. The exhibition served as a platform for networking and fostering collaborations between farmers and input suppliers.

Another crucial aspect of the event was the data collection exercise. Agrisolve recognized the importance of accurate data in driving evidence-based decision-making and enhancing agricultural practices. To this end, the company deployed a team of agricultural extension officers to collect information related to farmers’ needs, preferences, and challenges. This data will be utilized to tailor Agrisolve’s services and solutions to suit the specific requirements of farmers in the Northern region.

CalliGhana Representative Speaks At The Agrisolve Launch 2023 In Tamale

In closing, Madam Ellom Goh expressed her gratitude to all the attendees, acknowledging their commitment to the advancement of agriculture in the region. She stated that, “Agrisolve remains steadfast in its mission to revolutionize agriculture through innovative solutions. We are grateful to all the farmers, government officials, and stakeholders who have joined hands with us on this journey.”

The launch of “Greenconnect 2023 Season – Input Edition” marks a significant milestone in Agrisolve’s efforts to empower farmers and improve agricultural productivity. As the agricultural season commences, it is anticipated that the knowledge and resources gained through this event will contribute to the growth and success of farmers in the Northern Region.

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