Agrisolve Green Connect, an inter-continental leading agricultural solutions firm, based in Ghana, has vowed to empower over thousand (1000) women in Northern Ghana as part of their fundamental responsibilities of seeing the woman become a responsible caretaker of her own needs in the communities.

The Agrisolve “Green connect 2023 Season – Input Edition” which was officially launched in all the regions from the North, Tamale, Salaga, North East, Upper East & Upper West, has a primary goal & target of empowering women in these areas, so as to reduce the family burden on the man as it’s in the North.

Speaking at the Successful launch in the Yendi in the Eastern Corridor on the 12th of June, 2023, Mrs Elorm Goh, the executive Director of Agrisolve welcome the invited guests and send gratitude to them for leaving their important schedules to come to listen to their equal important message they have for them. She said,
“I want to thank you all for honouring our very important invitation, and I want to assure you that, you wouldn’t regret you did after this program. I have to be frank with the men that, Agrisolve is a women bias because, in as much as we are out to assist farmers to achieve their goals, we are actually in favour of the women a bit than the men. This year, Agrisolve is going to empower thousand (1000) women in different skills of profession, that is, they shall be taken through a serious training, mentorship and support with assistance, just so as to help them established their own businesses regardless of their geographical location. It’s part of our women program for 2023 at Agrisolve” she said.

Mrs Elorm Goh Speaks At Yendi Launch Of Agrisolve Green Connect

Mrs Elorm Goh reminds the masses that, these trained women will officially be made partners to Agrisolve Green Connect and every single project it will be coming up with from the North side, specially.

Agrisolve is out for Farmers, with farmers, and has a hardcore aim and target of making farmers responsible in society. Mrs Elorm Goh give thanks to MoFa and sent her well wishes to all farmers as they are gearing towards going back into their farms for the 2023 season.

These official launch hosted farmers from different parts of the Eastern Corridor, including different tribes like the Dagombas and the Konkombas.

Speaking also at the grand launch was Mr. Abukari Abdulai, Chief Director for Heritage Seeds,
Mr. Abukari gave emphasis on the need for Farmers to go to their farms with the right fertile seeds that can grow to yield the excellent results they seek. As an expert in seeding, he recommended a few corn seeds and soyabeans seeds to the farmers present and the type of land to crop them on. He speaks below.

Mr. Abukari Abdulai Of ‘Heritage Seeds’ Presents

Mr. Bananboon Prosper, a well experienced & and a successful farmer, who doubles as the Executive Director for ‘Adama West Africa” gave an indebt education on the right chemicals farmers should used on their farms and crops for their targets to be met. He said in his speech at the grand launch below,

Mr. Bananboon Prosper Of “Adama West Africa”.

Representative of Rainbow, Mr. Joseph Lasia said,

Tamale’s Edition

And Mr. Isaac Adjei of ‘Bon Agro Com Ltd also commented below,

The launch of “Greenconnect 2023 Season – Input Edition” marks a significant milestone in Agrisolve’s efforts to empower farmers and improve agricultural productivity. As the agricultural season commences, it is anticipated that the knowledge and resources gained through this event will contribute to the growth and success of farmers in the Northern Region.