Dobble Tee has fired back at Fancy Gadam on a radio interview with DJ Mise on Radio Amana 96.3Mhz on Saturday 27th February, 2021.

On an interview with the same DJ Mise on the same station and frequency, Fancy Gadam described Dobble Tee as a non commercial artist and an artist who does music for just pleasure and nothing more important.
He added that the kind of music Dobble Tee does can’t be commercialized.

In a reply to the comments made by Fancy Gadam, Dobble Tee said what he said is nothing but madness.
According to him, Fancy Gadam made those comments under substance influence because this is not the first time he’s under such influence. He said the star has ever been captured sleeping on TV so he’s much sure he took drugs during this interview too.

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