A whole lots of trending videos and articles on various celebrities has been piled up from the best online Television in Northern Ghana, HYPE TV.
Below are Top 6 piled up videos,

1. Don Dee Crazy Flow On The Sagani Tv Choo Da Mic Season 3 Cypher.

2. Maccasio Shoots New Video In Kumerica.

3. Gaffachi Real Is Real Album Review & Interview.

4. Oboy Street Freestyle At The Tamale Taxi Rank.

5. Ataaka Expressed His Disappointment In Walugu Lana In DJ Parara Show.

6. Don Dee Welcomed Into ZabZugu Like A President.

7. Fancy Gadam Failed To Control His Over Excitement In A Live Freestyling Of His Latest, Chein Chein.

The Above Are The TOP 7 Trending Videos, Which Are Your Favorite 3???