In a surprising turn of events, renowned Ghanaian rapper, Nambawan, has sent a strongly-worded letter to his fellow artist, Showbowy Gh. The letter, filled with both criticism and a touch of humor, has created a buzz within the music industry and among fans.

Nambawan, known for his distinctive style and clever wordplay, did not hold back as he addressed Showbowy Gh’s behavior as a “Lady boy” and accused him of constantly interrupting his creative process with unnecessary noise.

The letter reads: “Sekof class prefect, sleep always you want to the make noise err? I give you from now until the 15th of this month to put yourself in order, or you will be forced to enter the studio. Lady Boy! I’m back with the #Mood 🔥.”

The Ghanaian rapper’s use of local language and playful jabs has caught the attention of fans and media alike. The letter suggests a rivalry between the two artists and adds a layer of excitement to the Ghanaian music scene.

Nambawan, known for his sharp lyrical prowess and ability to captivate audiences, has a dedicated fan base both within Ghana and across the globe.

Showbowy Gh, the recipient of the letter, has yet to respond publicly. However, industry insiders speculate that a potential collaboration or musical showdown between the two artists could be on the horizon, considering their prominence in the Ghanaian music industry.

The news of Nambawan’s letter has sparked discussions among fans on social media platforms, with many expressing their excitement and anticipation for what could unfold in the coming weeks.

As fans eagerly wait for Showbowy Gh’s response, it remains to be seen whether the letter was a playful challenge or a serious call-out. Regardless, the incident has undoubtedly increased the spotlight on both artists, generating additional interest in their music and potential future collaborations.

Nambawan’s letter to Showbowy Gh serves as a reminder of the vibrancy and competitiveness within Ghana’s music industry. The rap scene continues to evolve and produce talented artists who push boundaries and captivate audiences with their creativity.

With the countdown to the 15th of the month underway, fans are eagerly awaiting the next move from both Nambawan and Showbowy Gh. The Ghanaian music scene is undoubtedly in for an exciting period, filled with fiery lyrics and unforgettable beats.