Ghanaian rapper David AJ has extended his support to Faila, a determined cook, who embarked on an extraordinary culinary challenge at the start of the new year. In a gesture of encouragement, David AJ and his team presented 10 crates of Verna mineral water and 20 crates of mineral drinks to help sustain Faila during her arduous cook-a-thon journey.

Faila’s remarkable endeavor, which commenced on January 1, has caught the attention and admiration of many. She has displayed incredible strength and perseverance as she aims to break and set a new Guinness World Record, showcasing her culinary talent by cooking non-stop for an extended duration.

Recognizing the determination and resilience demonstrated by Faila, David AJ felt compelled to support her efforts. The donation of drinks, particularly the Verna mineral water known for its quality and freshness, will surely aid Fail a in staying hydrated and refreshed during her cook-a-thon.

Faila’s challenge has not only showcased her culinary skills but also serves as an inspiration to others. Her commitment to breaking a world record and her dedication to her craft have garnered support from all corners of Ghana, including notable personalities like David AJ.

David AJ, known for his hit songs and philanthropic work, understands the value of supporting others in their endeavors. By providing 10 crates of Verna mineral water and 20 crates of mineral drinks, he hopes to not only provide sustenance but also show his solidarity with determination.