Afa Staph Mustapha has debunked claims and perceptions that former radio guru DJ Parara thought him radio.

It has long been speculated that Afa Staph’s success as a presenter can be attributed to DJ Parara, who taught him everything he knows today. Afa Staph has always been counted as the first boy DJ Parara brought up into the media field.

Debunking the claims on Zaa Kootu on Zaa TV with Kawastone, Afa Staph said it’s not true DJ Parara thought him radio, rather, Mr. Haruna Abubakari Sadiq, former manager of North Star and currently at Wale FM in the north east region, did.

According to Afa Staph, even though he had learnt a few things by observation during his close working friendship with DJ Parara, the presenter didn’t teach him much or lecture him, as it has always been speculated. Afa Staph noted that he doesn’t have any problem being called a DJ Parara boy, but he sees him as a master, not his student. Watch him speak.