The controversial rapper, Dobble Tee has shamed Fancy Gadam with a reply to his comment that the northern musicians can not make it into the national market or international market without collaborating with the artists from those areas.

The star made this comment on an interview on Saturday 27th of March when he was asked why they as northern artists failed to make impacts nationally with their own songs unless collaboration songs. Watch The Short Interview Below,

According to Dobble Tee on a recent facebook post, music is not just about collaborations, but ones hard work and talent, and it isn’t doubt that the north and other regions have these greater talents.

(It’s All Over For Maccasio And Fancy Gadam Nationally – Mr Tell) {Unrelated}

He boldly said artists or better still Fancy Gadam should believe in himself and stop tagging them to his dream album. That they will penetrate to international market should they push themselves.
A screenshot is provided below,