One of the influential TV/Radio personality, Halik Musah has voiced it out to artists that it will take them a frequent travel to Accra or a complete relocation to the nation capital, Accra before they can breakthrough nationally or internationally.

According to him, the big market, connections, investors, promoters, big media houses and link ups including quality music producers are all based in the capital city and it looks impossible to breakthrough without these people. He added that an artists home support or regional support can only build up the foundation for you through patronizing your concerts or making noise for you as a way of hype but that can’t let you travel across boundaries.

“It will be a big lie to compare our local sound engineers or media houses to the engineers and media houses in Accra” he said.
Mr Tell revealed this on an entertainment discussion with Alhaji Sadick Cybha on Sagani Tv North Arts show.
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