Few weeks after engaging in a musical feud with the self acclaimed king of the north, Fad Lan ran to seek refuge from the 69 camp blaming his actions on lack of knowledge.

In a post on social media the former DMTL signee revealed he had a deep conversation with Maccasio which has taught him a lot about life and music.

“Me and King Maccasio had a deep conversation days ago . A lot has been going on and the convo has really helped me a lot in paying attention to details and I also learnt a lot not only about the music industry but in life as well. A KING WILL ALWAYS BE A KING . BIG RESPECT TO MACCASIO( Sherif Abdul-Majeed)AND THE WHOLE 69 CREW/ CAMP.
GLORY ALBUM COMING YOUR WAY 🤞🤎” his post reads.

Maccasio was in the news recently blaming Fad lan for selling his loyalty cheap by pitching camp with his long time rival, Fancy Gadam, which resulted in the exchange of words on social media with fans on the 69 side bashing Fad for ungratefulness.