In a heartfelt reflection shared on his Facebook page after his recent performance at the esteemed wedding ceremony of Honorable Atta Issah, Fad Lan, Ghana’s rising star, vocalized the need for solidarity within the Northern artistic community.

With a passion for uplifting the region’s cultural identity, Fad Lan expressed his sentiments regarding the collective responsibility of artists, media personalities, and creators in fostering a thriving artistic landscape in the North.

Reflecting on the honor of performing at such a prestigious event, He acknowledged the weight of responsibility that accompanies the opportunity to showcase Northern talent on such a platform.

He lamented the lack of support from influential quarters, emphasizing the importance of unified efforts in amplifying the voices of Northern artists.

“It’s time to acknowledge that the journey to putting the North on the map is not a solitary endeavor,” Fad Lan remarked, highlighting the need for collaboration and mutual support among artists, media, and creative minds.

He envisioned a scenario where solidarity among stakeholders could propel the Northern artistic scene onto the global stage, transcending boundaries and celebrating diversity.

The Northern region boasts a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and artistic expression, yet it often struggles to receive the recognition it deserves on a wider scale. Fad Lan’s vision seeks to reshape this narrative, envisioning a future where the richness of Northern culture is celebrated and appreciated globally.