Fancy Gadam and his management has released his private conversation with CEO of Majority Radio, DJ Parara following a recent alleged that he refused to take part of the stations unveiling concert because of money.

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The newly established radio station, Majority Radio decided to unveil the station and their workers with a grand concert, which cover was released few weeks ago, of which Fancy Gadam was a part of the artists to graced the concert.

The initial date of this concert was set to be on the 2nd of July, a day after the “Saving Lives Concert” for the sick Nordrafim Former President, Mr. Jalil.
Due to that program, Majority Radio rescheduled their program from 2nd to 15th of July, just to give space for the “Saving Lives Concert” to be successful.

In making the announcement of the rescheduling, they regret their decision and also added that, one of the performing artists has been withdrawn from the list, due to money issues.

Fans knowing very well that Fancy Gadam was the only artiste withdrawn in the previous cover art of the show, they indirectly alleged that he is the one, therefore started criticizing him for such inhumane character. chanced a circulating screenshots of a private conversation between Fancy Gadam and DJ Parara, on Fancy Gadam fan pages, in regards to this issue. Below are screenshots of the chats that proves Fancy Gadam could be right.