One of the promising Ghanaian bloggers, Prince Barak, has said that Star, Fancy Gadam, is way bigger than Shatta Wale in Ghana and not just in the North, where people always claim he’s bigger than every artist in the country.
Prince Barak comes to this conclusion after both major concerts were held in Accra on the same night, December 25th.The Fancy Gadam program was at Accra Bukum Boxing Arena at a fee of 50GH and 200GH for regular and VIP, while the Shatta Wale show was at a fee of 10GH and 20GH for regular and VIP, respectively.

Many doubted the success of the Fancy Gadam show because he’s based in Northern Ghana and Shatta Wale in the capital, but within two hours of opening the gate, Fancy Gadam filled up the venue. Shatta Wale also gathered an amazing crowd at the Accra Sports Stadium, becoming one of the few to ever do so in Ghana.
Considering the rates and comfort zones, Prince Barak took to his Facebook handle to crown Fancy Gadam the biggest artist in Ghana over Shatta Wale, especially considering the fact that Shatta Wale also, out of mistake, included a crowdy picture of Fancy Gadam’s previous concert at the stadium in his show picture, but deleted it hours before it was spread that he stole Fancy Gadam’s picture.