The self-acclaimed Ruler of the North, Fancy Gadam, has received the insults of his life for an appearance many described as a terrible appearance on Sallah Day.

As last Tuesday, May 3rd fell, the celebration of Sallah for Muslims across the globe, as it’s known, many always appears in their best of designs since it stands for joy and happiness. Many celebrities, especially artists from the northern part of Ghana, appeared in their best costumes and fans applauded them.

Fancy Gadam dropped his sallah picture and how he appeared on that day was hell for him. Fans, including his art rival, Maccasio, mocked and lambasted him for such an appearance. Listen to the picture video form of how he appeared and the fans lambasted him, saying he has always disgraced them in terms of costuming.

A day after that, Maccasio made a controversial comment. He wouldn’t allow everyone to wear his design if he was a designer because the decorated monkey would still be a monkey regardless. Read his post below.