Mohammed Hafiz, popularly known as G. Face, has cursed DJ Bat for “lying” against him.

In a Facebook post made by DJ Bat, he accused G. Face of spending the money of the Northern Music Awards (NMA), which collapsed after just two successful editions.

G. Face was known as a board member and an organizer of the scheme. With several revelations now popping up in recent times about what caused the collapse of the scheme, DJ Bat posted that he was the only board member of the scheme who was a neutral person and in support of Maccasio, but the rest, according to him, were all Gadam Nationals and voted for Fancy Gadam during their board voting. Read his post below.

So G.face said yesterday on north arts program that,he has never spent one cedi from the Northern music awards proceeds??
When you practically buys everything of the awards including adverds,traveling and so on of the board.Well, As far as am concerned, the board of Northern music awards was a 5 member committee comprises gadam nationals except only Myself but from Djparara,Gface,Jabihi and Jah rule were all part of the Gadam nation at the time,later Emi love and Shaharan was brought to the board also and that was the beginning of the schemes failure obviously yes.I was the only person on the board who voted for Maccasio .
Certainly Parara brought Jah rule to the board to vote for Fancy Gadam and a for jabihi and gface including the CEO grand papa all were supporting Fancy Gadam at the time all voting for Fancy Gadam.
To cut everything short, I think is the same influence Fancy Gadam was trying to bring to the KMTV Awards by asking Malanga to choose the people he wants to serve on the board to manipulate things for him to win.
Just like he did to the Northern music awards, I can tell you that at the time the board was fancy Gadams choice .is only me at the time who was maccaaio’s promoter and who will whatever means will support maccasio and make it look balance because everybody know i support maccasio but forget am the only one who stands for him,so they used me to create the impressions that the board was balance because I was the only person on the board who voted maccasio😀😀so Fancy is trying to use the KMTV awards board just like he did to the Northern musicAwards board years ago and killed the scheme. when the following year we said to him he can’t win it on a roll like that because it will be suspicious and the scheme might loose credibility, so that year he opted out and killed the awards scheme.
This is to the extent Fancy Gadam greenness has brought us so far as an industry.

In response to these allegations, Mohammed Hafiz debunked these allegations, vowing that he will stand in front of God with DJ Bat on judgment day to defend these lies. He said, “I leave you to God.” Read his post and further comments below.

My brother sometimes lets be serious with some of this jokes plz… Don’t let ur recent fracas with Fancy makes you tell lies on people, maybe you hv lost it but some of us still got some images to protect,

  1. Plz tell me how you knew who I voted? Because even the Board Voting was done and Monitored at Savana Signatures. And it was not revealed till date ..
  2. I didn’t constitute the Board.. I was added up in the group and the organization not to serve a purpose for Any Artist, i was to serve a purpose for a scheme whc am sure I did to the best of my Knowledge and strength.
  3. My brother. whr were you at the final day of the event. I mean the Awards night, do u know the risk and threats we went through?
    Look sometimes let’s not rent or Transfer anger to disrespect people you are not suppose to disrespect..
    All the The other members are still alive and can testify…
    And plz go back and ask Grandpapa if I hv ever done any single payment in regards to the scheme without him ….
    Plz plz for The Moslem you are don’t jus put lies on me jus because you want to disregard me .. I don’t deserve it …
    Plz fear God and be truthful..
    I suffered a lot for tht awards plz