G. Unit, a dynamic Dagbon youth entertainment and event organizing group based in Accra, has recently reiterated its commitment to promoting the vibrant cultural tapestry of Dagbon while providing invaluable support to artists and entertainers.

G. Unit Crew

In an exclusive statement through their correspondent, Mr. Iddrisu Abdul-Latif, the Secretary of G. Unit, outlined the group’s primary focus on hosting and organizing music and entertainment concerts for artists seeking to showcase their talents in Accra and its surrounding areas.

Our responsibilities encompass various crucial aspects, including identifying and securing suitable venues for events,” Mr. Abdul-Latif emphasized. “Additionally, we facilitate interactions with Dagbon chiefs, opinion leaders, and youth groups in Accra, fostering connection and building relationships within the community.”

Addressing recent rumors circulating among certain sections of Maccasio and 69 fans, Mr. Abdul-Latif clarified, “As an independent entity, we do not align ourselves with any specific music set or camp, contrary to what has been speculated. Our dedication to orchestrating successful shows is evident in events like Fancy Gadam’s Competition album concert and the Bukom Boxing Arena.”

Furthermore, Mr. Abdul-Latif highlighted G. Unit’s willingness to collaborate with artists facing financial challenges in organizing shows. “In such cases, we can collaborate with artists to help bring their creative visions to life,” he affirmed. “Our goal is to support and empower artists, ensuring that their performances are both memorable and impactful.”

The statement from G. Unit underscores their commitment extending beyond event organizing, aiming to be a driving force in promoting Dagbon’s cultural richness while providing essential support to artists and entertainers.