Ghanaian music promoter, Adunkwaa Butah, known in showbiz circles as Don Crosses has been featured in the new September 2022 edition of American magazine on pop culture and lifestyle, ‘This Time Magazine ‘

Don Crosses granted an exclusive interview as part of This Time Magazine’s special feature on young independent entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their talents. Speaking to the magazine, Don Crosses shared his experience specifically, from his dealings and works in the Ghana music industry as a road manager for the late Reggae and Dancehall artiste, Vyrbant Faya.

“Most people in our industry want to associate with already established brands and acts, depriving the space needed for young artists to learn and develop” – He told This Time Magazine.

To Don Crosses, there should be more collaborations and partnerships within the creative arts sector so that the businesses that are being nurtured by these talents will progress gradually. He also advised young independent artists to get accompanying businesses to push their talents if the talent is not getting the needed profit for sustainability.

“When music is not paying as much as it should, it can’t be your profession. But it can be your lifestyle or hobby for extra income until the substantial return on investments are being recorded.” – Don Crosses

Don Crosses is an African international music promoter with experience working for Shatta Movement Family, a music recording label in Ghana. He was the former road manager for Vybrant Faya and has been an important enabler of reggae and dancehall music.

Don Crosses is the founder of Xtreme Reggae Dancehall International and is currently working on his new project called Gucci Riddim Africa in collaboration with First Capital Music in Jamaica.

See photos of his feature below: