President of the De Donzy Nation, Striker De Donzy has reacted to rumors that Fancy Gadam has sacrificed a lot to boost his career.

In a lengthy post on Facebook, the Asadachi hit maker eluded to the fact that Fancy has helped him but revealed that he has sacrificed his fans, time, and ‘resources’ for Fancy as compared to what Fancy did for him.

Citing instances where he has to forgo his shows to make way for fancy to use him in his hood without being paid a penny, he has rubbished claims that Fancy has helped him but that they helped each other up.

He has also called out G Face for openly waging his support on Fancy Gadam saying he is a son of fancy and that he didn’t expect anything different.

He has there indicated that God is the best judge in all that is going on.

Read his full post below

“I have seen a video trending online portraying to tarnish my image…
The said video talks about how someone lied to have rejected a paid show for my show.

I stand tonight to clear the waves that, fancy never rejected any show for my show, it was a prank thing just to make people believe that he is going to be part of my show and he knows what im talking about.

Now, talking about sacrifices, if fancy is going to be honest with himself and say the truth he will testify that I have sacrificed a lot for him since we got to know each other and he did sacrificed for me too.

I want to bring you all back to the time we dropped ”Asadachi” and it was hitting all over the place.
I first proposed to fancy that i want host Asadachi concert in Nalerigu with him but he turned it down with an excuse that he is busy at that moment so I halted my plans for that show because I wanted him to be there on that show.

He never told me about that show and all of the sudden he posted a cover photo of his concert in Nalerigu and he text me saying he has a show in Nalerigu and he wants me to support it.
My management didn’t want to understand but i spoke to them and convinced them and I was billed on that show and we hosted it in nalerigu.

I sacrificed my show and audience and I promoted the show like I’m the one organizing it for myself. We made it look like De Donzy vrs Gadam and my people really came out filled up the place.
He never gave me a penny after that show, so tell me is that not a sacrifice?

Up to now, check through my profile if you see me host any big show titled “Asadachi live concert” in Nalerigu.

Later, when I wanted to organize my own show and I needed him again he gave me stories.…
So don’t come and be talking like you’re the Only one who sacrificed for me and I didn’t sacrifice.

I see a presenter declaring his support for fancy. I’m not surprised because what do you expect from a son of a father who you’re having issues with ?
God is watching 👁us all”