One of the most powerful spiritual fathers in Africa, Chief Chichaha, who is famously known as Walawazy, has vowed that he can raise the dead back to life, but not those who died naturally.

Chief Chichaha With Arnold.

The spiritual Guru made these statements in an interview he had with Mr. Arnold on Vibes In 5. During the interview, the host asked him what the limitations of his powers are, and according to him, the only thing his powers can’t do in this world is bring the dead to life, but he added that, in some instances, he can raise the dead.

Chief Chichaha stated that there are some deaths which are spiritual deaths. Deaths which are caused by one’s enemies, such dead, can be brought back to life by him, but those who died naturally or killed naturally by God can’t be brought back to life. Watch the short teaser of his speech below.

Chief Chichaha On Vibes In 5.