Wiz Child, a Ghanaian award-winning performer, said that he is currently the most booked artist in Tamale during a talk on Sanatu Zambang’s weekly interactive podcast Hotspotlive.

The singer remarked that in recent times, only he has been contacted by event organizers. “Sometimes I go for a program and I am the only artiste in the program. I don’t like it that way because I am not seeing my brothers” he added.

Even if being invited by event organizers is a wonderful experience, the Ntaali hitmaker expresses dissatisfaction since he wants his colleagues to have the same opportunity.

“I don’t like it that way because I am not seeing my brothers. Like who is going to inspire me backstage. You can say my team is there but that is my team. You see every day, if someone keeps telling you something, you get fed up” he stated.

The musician went on to say that this was the inspiration for his upcoming EP, Tamale We Dey. He believes that including new and bright up-comers in the EP will provide them with the attention they deserve. Prince Barak – Blogger and Content Creator