One of the finest and the famous radio presenter in Northern Ghana, Mr Tell has said that, if not because of hatred or selfish interest, it will be stupid on the part of any radio station manager to sack him on his radio station currently looking at the peck he has reached in his career.

It’s undoubtedly that Halik Musah is one of the most heard radio presenter in the region, but the Bugum Bieni host of Radio Tamale amazed people with this comment when he further explained that he is above to be sacked from any radio station.
According Mr Tell, he can only be sacked by a manager who probably never like him in the first place or hated him, but for a vision station manager who wants the good for his station, they will never dare to sack him even if he wrongs them.
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Mr Tell said this on a one on one profiling interview with DJ Crouch on Tawasul Fm on Saturday 30th of January, 2021.