Mr McDonald Agugoesi, Chief Executive Officer of one of Ghana’s well build record label “Black Music Entertainment” has reacted to Fancy Gadam claimed that the southern media pay no attention to any other regions artists or industry.

On Saturday the 27th of March, Fancy Gadam disclosed on a radio interview with DJ Krouch on Tawasul Fm that, artists from other regions can not penetrate into the national market without collaborations because, the media up there do not pay attention to talent or hardwork unless their own.

After a publication of this was made on, Mr McDonald said it isn’t true and went further to express on a one on one chat with HYPE MEDIA GH that, it takes hard work and natural talent to gain the attention of the media in Accra.

According to him, Fancy Gadam once had that opportunity but failed to explore or take advantage of that breakthrough.
Been the ceo of Black Music Entertainment, a label that recently signed Gonga, he vows to used Gonga as an example to the people to know that your geographical area has nothing to do with your talent and works to stardom in the south.