On an exclusive interview with Fancy Gadam on Tawasul Radio with DJ Krouch on Saturday 27th of March, 2021, Fancy Gadam has finally disclosed that from his experienced and knowledge about the Ghanaian music industry especially the southern part, there’s no way a northern based artists can penetrate or make waves into the southern part of the country without collaborations.

According to him, Accra is the capital of the country and for that matter it’s hard for one to gain grounds there when he’s not from there.
When pushed to the wall by DJ Krouch that so far as Kuame Eugene, Kidi and the likes are making big waves in other regions they’re not part of, they can do it, Fancy Gadam went further to explained that your matter how loud those mentioned make waves in other regions, they can not make louder waves in those regions like the artists based in those regions.
He highlighted that Language is a key barrier that can prevent them from making such waves, secondly, the industry players are a part of those problems because they criticize more than they support,


And thirdly, your matter how good an artists is or how many dope songs he released, the southern media won’t pay attention to it because it isn’t coming from an artist from their region.
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