Kulu Mallangah, chief executive officer of KMTV awards has disclosed the reasons that led to Maccasio exit from the maiden edition of the KMTV awards.

Many will recall that it was circulated across everywhere that Maccasio has submitted his form to be examine and nominated at the KMTV awards. Maccasio also confirmed his participation in so many interviews at the time.

SubZero x Captain

The scheme unleased the full list of nominees few weeks ago and the rapper in addition with other top northern based musicians like Fad Lan, Sapashini among others were missing in addition to Fancy Gadam who already made his stand clear about the scheme.

In reaction to fans concerns and questions, Kulu Mallangah disclosed on NTV with Mohammed Hafiz G. Face that the rapper asked for his name to be taken off due to the organizers decision to changed the ultimate prize for the overall artists of the year winner.

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The organizers of the scheme promised to award the overall artists of the year winner a brand new CRV car worth 2 billion+ old Ghanaian currency, but changed their decision because Fancy Gadam opt out of the scheme and they thought that it may hinder the number of interest and votes they would have achieved if he was available considering his rivalry with Maccasio.

When asked whether Maccasio exit was as a result of they changing the price because of his colleague artists, Mallanga said “NO”, but just because of the changed in price. Watch him speak below.