Rapper, Maccasio has finally disclosed the misunderstanding between him and one of his one-time powerful social media promoters, Fuseini Hamza Zio.

Fad Lan – Nkpe Breakdown

The two were very close to each other and Zio was one of the biggest promoters of Maccasio until a few years back when rumours broke on the internet that Maccasio failed to wish Zio a happy birthday and the promoter became annoyed and began to attack the rapper on Facebook.

Maccasio Apologize To Fancy Gadam

Yesterday, in a one-on-one interview with Afa Staph on Neesim FM, Maccasio agreed that it was true Zio left his camp because of a birthday wish, but added that they sorted that one out and were cool again until Zio lost his father and he (Maccasio) came to the final funeral and failed to give Zio money. According to him, he showed up for the final funeral rites of Zio’s father, but was shocked to see Zio attacking him on Facebook again, and when he made an enquiry, he was told that it’s because he came and never gave money as his support. Watch the video below.